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CRM Plus is an integrated platform for the front end sales and marketing

Zoho CRM Plus Products


CRM helps your sales team to be more productive by generating & converting leads and close deals.

Why do we need CRM?
Your sales team deals with time-consuming but important tasks such as scheduling sales appointments, sending follow-up letters and emails, tracking contacts, and updating sales opportunities. Zoho CRM automates these sales processes.
• CRM comes with wide array of features that can help in increasing the sales team's ability to close more deals. • Customer's information is securely stored on a cloud-based platform and sales team can connect with the customers from anywhere in real-time.

Sales IQ

Sales IQ is a live chat app for the website visitors and visitors tracking tool

Why do we use Sales IQ?
If you have a website or a web-based product, on a desktop/mobile you can use SalesIQ.
• View who your visitors are and what they do on your site/app.
• You can track every visitor on your website/application.
• Use live chatting to assist the visitors and get quicker responses.


Social is a social media management tool to engage with the prospects/clients.

Why we need Social?
This tool help you manage multiple social media accounts with a single software solution.
• Instead of logging into numerous different platforms with different usernames, passwords, and interfaces, you could use a social media management tool and have access to all the social media platforms from a single software.
• The biggest advantage of using a social media management tool is the ability to control and monitor your campaigns as a whole.


Campaign is email marketing tool which helps to Create, Send & track email campaigns

Why do we choose Campaigns?
With Zoho campaigns , you can create, send and track effective email campaigns that will help build lasting relationships with customer.
• Zoho campaign provides complete toolkit to improve your email marketing.


Survey is a tool to design survey’s for your clients to get the feedback and build the market strategy.

Why we need Survey?
Zoho Survey helps you create your survey with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
• Zoho Survey focuses on feedback and opinion collection.
• Whether you're a business person, an artist, or a college student, Zoho Survey helps you communicate with a diverse audience.

Help Desk

Help Desk is customer support centre tool to track and solve the customer queries.

Why we need Help Desk?
Zoho Desk helps you simplify customer service operations, improve agent productivity, and deliver lasting customer experiences..
• Desk helps you be more accessible to your customers, provide them with quick resolutions, and make doing business with you convenient.


Projects is a complete project management tool to manage, track and collaborate on projects.

Why do we need Project?
This provides the foundation for your project. It reflects the work breakdown structure and comes under scope management.
• This tool is designed to help project teams plan, track, and manage any number of projects to achieve the defined project goals within the project's timeline.
• Project management is a process that helps businesses achieve their project goals while staying within the planned constraints of objectives, time, and money.


Analytics is a tool to get custom reports and insightful dashboard to strategize your business.

Why we need Analytics?
Visualize and analyze your data with business dashboards. Create insightful business dashboard and track your key performance indicators.
• Connect and blend data from anywhere.
• Zoho Analytics provides a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface for creating dashboards in minutes.


Zia is the AI driven platform to build a conversational assistant for your business needs.

Why we need Zia?
Zoho Desk helps you simplify customer service operations, improve agent productivity, and deliver lasting customer experiences..
• By analyzing sales patterns, Zia recommends products or services to cross-sell for each customer and predicts when they are likely to make a repeat purchase.